Hatchery Supported Waters
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission
Catchable Trout Stocking for February 08 thru February 09, 2016

Remember! A valid fishing license and valid trout license is required for most people age 16 and over, fishing in designated trout waters. In Hatchery-Supported waters each person may catch and keep seven trout with no size limit. There is also no lure restriction.

The Commission routinely stocks trout on a weekly basis, April-August. Delayed Harvest stockings occur March-May and October-November. Please check for daily stocking updates everyday at noon during these months.

NOTE: Since Hatchery-Supported waters are closed to fishing in March and up to opening day on the first Saturday in April, we do not post stocking dates (in March) before the season opens.

Sorry, no trout were stocked from February 08 - February 09, 2016.

Check the Regulations and/or trout maps for information on stream
designations and trout fishing regulations. See the subtopic menu above.